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Get a quick payday loan

ancient moneyPayday oans are based on your work history and income level. We do not require a credit check, but we will still require social security number and banking information. Our loans are not much harder to get than regular cash advances so you can stop payday loans in their tracks. We can show you how to get out of payday loans and how to break that cycle of borrowing and then borrowing again to pay off the first loan.

Our services can also be used to get out of payday loan debt. There are alternatives to payday loans that make getting out of payday debt easy. Choose one of our loans that can be paid back over 90 days. Avoid mounting fees and finally take the right steps towards paying off payday loans. Choose personal loans not payday loans so you can eliminate payday loans from your life.

We offer loans to pay off payday loans so you can start looking forward to payday again. If you are in a situation where your check is being consumed by the payday loan companies as soon as it hits the bank then we can help. Reduce fees, enjoy lower interest rates and avoid the vicious cycle by choosing our services.

There may still be times when you need a quick infusion of cash. But you don’t have to become trapped in a cycle of debt. We will show you how to pay off payday loans and we also show you how to avoid them in the future.

Our loans are completely secure and your information is fully protected. We do not sell, trade or give away personal information on any of our customers. We fully encrypt all information in our systems. We take applications by phone, fax and through the Internet and your information will be thoroughly protected regardless of how you decide to apply.

Our approval process is quick so you won’t have to wait long for the money. If you are struggling to make ends meet now, don’t put yourself in a worse position down the road by committing to give most of your paycheck right back to the payday loan lender. Choose a personal loan with terms that are affordable and won’t leave you in the position of having to ask for another loan or an extension.

Choose the loan program that will get you the cash advance you need without leaving you strapped on the next payday. Choose a personal loan with a longer payback period. Call us or visit us online today for more information about our programs and how we can help you.

How payday loans work

At, we have spent countless hours designing the perfect loan service for your needs. Our service is available for you when you find yourself facing a mountain of money woes.

Our site is a snap to use and can be accessed from your home or office effortlessly so that you can get the assistance that you need to make it through your financial emergency. Our experts are able to process your online application quickly and securely, saving you from the embarrassment and stress that comes with waiting in long lines or faxing mounds of documents.

The moment that we receive your private application, one of our highly trained staff members will review your account and will find a quality lender that can assist you now. You will get to review the conditions of the loan and ensure that the terms meet your approval and then your cash will be deposited into your bank account immediately. You will be able to have the money in your hands quickly so that you can get back on your feet.

Our service makes it much simpler for anyone to qualify for one of our loans, even if you have bad credit. You do not need to own a home, as our process is much easier than a traditional loan process. All that we ask in order for you to be eligible for a loan is that you are a citizen of the United States, are and adult (18 years of age or older), and have a job where you earn at least $1000 per month.

We also ask that your bank account be equipped with direct deposit so that you can get your money immediately. All you have to do is meet our simple criteria and then we can help you with your financial troubles!

Our repayment system is renowned for being unique and easy to use, created specifically so that you are able to get the money paid back effortlessly, without having to rack up any extra debt. The cash that you borrowed from your lender will be sent from your bank account automatically after your next pay day. This way, you will not forget to pay the money back or fall behind even further.

If for any reason you will not be able to make your loan repayment on time, contact one of our representatives as soon as possible. We may be able to give you an extension, and our understanding staff members are always available to go over the options with you. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the repayment method that works best for your life.

Consumer Debt Negotiation

What is a hardship letter?

Although this is not always the case, hardship letters are usually written based on a mortgage company’s requirements for working out delinquency on your loan payment so that a repayment plan can be established and your home does not go into foreclosure. In the simplest of terms, a hardship letter is written from the debtor to the creditor in order to justify why they have gone delinquent on their account. Usually, the letter will contain two things – your present financial position and a repayment arrangement to bring your account to non-delinquent status.

Five suggestions for writing a great hardship letter

If you find that you are in a financial position requiring the writing of a hardship letter to your creditors, here is what you need to include in that letter to improve the chance of any one of your creditors working with you:

Confirm payment details with creditors first – before you go any further, you want to take this step in the very beginning. You and the creditor(s) will be able to better assess your current financial position when you do this. You want to mention specific details such as the following:

accrued interest
duration left on the payments
total amount payable

In order to avoid any misunderstandings in the future, ask your creditor(s) to confirm what you have included in this part.

Always be honest – don’t try to sugar-coat the situation and just be honest. Remember that you are not the only person to ever experience financial difficulties. You want to take the following steps:

arrangements for the re-payment of your debt
current financial status
the reasons behind your current financial situation
your combined outstanding debts

Keep the letter simple and to the point – don’t get wordy by including details that are not necessary to include in the letter. Creditors and lenders hate wading through this. And by all means, be humble and polite.

Supply applicable documented evidence – whatever documents or statements you have that back up your current circumstances and financial condition should be included with the hardship letter. Your story will not carry a lot of weight without out this and your creditor(s) are less apt to be sympathetic and work with you.

Make sure you send the proper message – since this is your only chance at being able to negotiate a more favourable outcome for you and the creditor, you want to explain as clearly as possible why you are in your current situation.

Money saving tips

Many visitors to our instant payday loans website are interested in how they can save money so that they avoid borrowing too much. Here are some tips on how to conserve your income.

Get rid of the incidentals. recommends to save money by getting rid of superfluous expenses. For example, you might look through your credit cards statements to identify any recurring charges, such as memberships you don’t use or subscriptions to magazines you don’t read.

Pay yourself first.
Think about your saving habits for the last year. Do you save regularly? Not at all? Many people come to our site because they do not save money for emergency expenses. To begin saving, start thinking about a realistic monthly amount you could view as another monthly bill. Could you handle another $20/month bill? What about a $100/month bill? Even if it’s just $15-$20 per month, start socking that money away and always pay yourself first.

Save wisely.
If you know you will or are saving toward a goal and will not be touching your savings for a few years, you could put your money into a higher-yield investment like mutual funds instead of a regular savings account.

Get rid of credit card debt.
Many of our visitors rely on payday borrowing because they are maxed out on credit card debt. This debt is costing you dearly in interest, so you need to start paying down your credit card balances as quickly as possible. If your interest rates are sky high, think about a balance transfer to a lower-interest card.

Don’t waste money on late fees.
If you occasionally pay your credit card bill late, you might instead visit our site to get the funds you need to pay on time. However, if you are chronically late on your payment, call your creditor and request to have your due date changed to after your paycheck arrival time. It might take a few months to kick in, but it will be worth the wait.

Once you have read the above tips, make sure you have your questions answered and know how this site works before applying for a loan. And try to find at least one of the 5 tips that work for you so you can save some money.

History of banking

Some sort of financial institutions became necessary as soon as humans established some economy. The first banks are believed to have been the religious temples of the ancient world. Objects of wealth were naturally kelp in these sacred places and gold was stored inside as easy to carry compressed plates. Owners of such wealth felt rightly that the temples were the safest places to store their assets as they were constantly monitored and their sacredness should deter most potential thieves. The first existing records of loans date from the eighteenth century BC in Babylon Fprolthat were made by temple priests to merchants.

Banking then moved to Ancient Greece, as civilization spread from Mesopotamia to Egypt, Crete and then Grece. Greek temples as well as some private organizations conducted financial transactions such as loans, deposits or foreign exchange. There are records of credit a few hundred years before Jesus Chris was born. Credit notes were used that could be written in one Greek port but cashed in another, so that merchants did not need to carry large quantity or coins while travelling the seas,  avoiding the risk of a big loss by pirates or if the boat sunk.

Ancient Rome added their own improvements to banking and saw greater regulation of financial institutions and financial practices. Charging interest on loans and paying interest on deposits became more common and competitive. The rise of Christianity in Rome and its influence restricted banking, as usury was considered immoral. Jews businessmen without taboos about money from their religion filled the void in providing credit to the increasing demand for financial services due to the expansion of European trade.

In Europe banking takes a new turn with Jonathan’s coffee-house of Jonathan, which later became the London Stock Exchange. It was a market place for merchants trading stocks. In 1698 John Casting starts to publish a weekly newsletter tracking commodity prices, which he sold to Jonathan. One of the oldest banking institutions in London is the still active today Barclays Bank, founded in 1690.

In the late eighteenth century with the advent of democratic capitalism there was a massive growth in the banking industry. In the new system of ownership and investment, moneyholders managed to reduce state intervention in economic affairs, to remove barriers to competition, and in general allowing anyone willing to work hard enough and with enough capital, to become a venture capitalist. It took another 100 years though for this type of capitalism to reach the shores of North America.

By the early 1900s, New York was beginning to emerge as the leading financial center in the world. Businesses and individuals were acquiring large investments in companies in the United States and Europe, creating the first true global market. This relatively high level of market integration has proved particularly beneficial when the war came as the two parties were looking for funds from the United States, issuing shares or selling existing assets.

Global capital market services exploded in the last two decades of the twentieth century as demand from all economic participants increased, but also because financial market conditions were highly positive for growth. However, in recent years, the dominance of U.S. financial markets has reduced with a growing appetite for equities. This extraordinary growth of foreign financial markets resulted in a large increase in the pool of savings starting with Japan and later China. Nowadays universal banks are free to engage in all forms of financial services, investing and providing retail and wholesale financial services.